Peapod Mini

The Peapod Mini a slim, locking and weatherproof bike shelter that is only 7′ 5″ wide x 14′ 7-1/2″long yet can park 10 bikes.

Like the larger Peapod, it is fabricated in heavy duty, anodized aluminum with shatterproof glass side panels and is a Class 1 bike shelter.

The Peapod Mini is also offered as a covered bike cage with stainless steel wire mesh side panels.

  • Narrow profile
  • Rustproof
  • Barrel, hip or flat roof
  • Accommodates most standalone and networked locks

Peapod Mini Combo

The Peapod Mini Combo is an innovative multi-modal transportation solution that combines our classic Transit shelter with the Peapod Mini bike shelter.

Entice more customers to bike to bus and rail stops by keeping them dry and protecting their bikes from theft. High-security MaxRacks provide a 2nd level of theft deterrence.

Options include aluminum benches, solar lights and advertising panels.

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  • Peapod Mini Combo
  • Peapod Mini Bike Cage


Dark BronzeClear (silver grey)

Powder Coating Available