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December 28, 2014
Velodome Offers Cyclists Smart Solutions for Public Bike Repair

Deluxe Public Work Stand

The new product category entitled “Public Bike Repair and Maintenance” get Cyclists Pumped Up.

With the increasing popularity of bicycling, numerous new products are being designed to appeal to cyclists, and now it seems a new product category has been created. Equipment that used to be available only at bike shops or in home basements and garages are now popping up in cities, colleges and corporate campuses around the country.

Called Public Bike Repair and Maintenance, commercial grade bike pumps and bike repair stands are being installed in “public” locations that are readily accessible to cyclists but bolted into concrete to prevent theft.

Velodome Shelters, a Clifton, NJ manufacturer of bicycle parking shelters and bike racks recently expanded its product offerings by distributing a line of public bike repair products for the manufacturer, Bike Fixtation of Minneapolis. Last week Velodome added their latest products, a new Deluxe Public Work Stand and Wheel Chock.

A sleek looking fixture, the Deluxe Public Work Stand enables cycling enthusiasts to make repairs while on the road, day or night. The stand incorporates all of the necessary tools to maintain and repair bicycles and get cyclists back on the road. By adding the optional Wheel Chock, two bikes can be repaired at the same time. The chock can also be used independently and secured next to a bike pump to support a bike while inflating the tires. It also includes a link to online help. Some of the features of the Deluxe Public Work Stand are:

About Velodome Shelters
Based in Clifton New Jersey, Velodome Shelters specializes in design, engineering and manufacturing innovative bicycle parking shelters and bike racks that protect bikes from the elements and deter theft. For indoor bike parking and bike rooms, Velodome offers a diverse range of bike storage solutions and bike repair accessories.

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