MaxRacks are a space-saving and versatile bike storage solution that park a lot of bikes in a small area.

By staggering MaxRacks at two levels, bike density and capacity is increased…without tangling or scratching. Bikes on MaxRacks take up 45% less floor space and require 50% less aisle space than typical horizontal bike racks.

Velodome’s MaxRacks feature a unique, extended rod that makes hanging and removing bikes easier and a solid steel lock bar for maximum security. Both the front wheel and frame are U-lockable. Unlike some other vertical bike racks, MaxRacks work with all tires and fenders...guaranteed.

  • Superior theft resistance
  • Will not scratch bike frame
  • Solid steel lock bar
  • Attaches to walls, MaxRack Stand and Wall Brackets
  • Can be combined with RampRacks

MaxRack System
The MaxRack System is a family of modular bike storage components that can be wall mounted or freestanding. In addition to the MaxRack, related products in this system are the RampRack, MaxRack Wall Bracket and MaxRack Stand. MaxRacks are also incorporated into the BikeGarage and VeloMax bike shelters.

Velodome Bike Racks. Accept No Substitute.

  • Integrated helmet hook


RAL-9005 Jet Black

Custom Colors Available