Bike Parking Classifications

Class 1

Long term: Over 2 hours, lockable, fully enclosed and protected from weather and theft. Focus on security and theft protection. Typically bike rooms, bike lockers and fully enclosed, locking bike shelters and bike stations. To qualify, bike parking and bike storage facilities must include the below characteristics.

  1. Full weather protection
  2. Two levels of theft protection:
    1. A locked room, shelter, cage or enclosure with controlled access for designated users
    2. Racks within the enclosure to which bikes may be secured using a standard lock

Class 2

Medium term: 2-12 hours, covered parking providing moderate weather protection. Focus on convenience and access. Typically bike racks under canopy style shelters or building overhangs.

Class 3

Short-term: Under 2 hours, uncovered parking. Focus on convenience and access. Typically bike racks for visitors near a primary entrance to a building.