Bike Lockers - 350 Series

Models 351, & 352 are our top of the line bike lockers, they are durable, attractive and require less maintenance than all other bike lockers.

Bike Lockers of 350 Series is the preferred choice by transit agencies across the country!
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic construction is highly resistant to impact and scratching.
  • The finish never needs painting, will not rust or corrode and is extremely resistant to most stains.
  • The standard key-lock mechanism is completely internal and resists tampering.
  • Reduced costs due to low maintenance and long life.
  • High security due to built-in door locks with concealed hinges. Locking bar from top to bottom of door.


Model 351 Model 352


WhiteTanCafeTealGreenBlueMedium Grey

Custom Colors Available