Locking Bicycle Shelters

An unfortunate corollary to the growth in bike commuting has been the rampant growth in bike theft and vandalism. It’s a serious problem that occurs on both public and private property. Concern about leaving their bikes unattended and in the rain deters countless people from using their bikes as a means of transportation.

A practical solution to this problem are Velodome locking bike shelters. They are weatherproof, secure, customizable and accessible only to designated users. And unlike wire cages and sheds, they keep out rain and snow even on windy days.

To prevent splashing and control water run-off from the roof, the Guardian and Peapod models can be specified with internal rain gutters. All our locking shelters meet the standards for Class 1 Bike Parking.

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Outdoor Bike Rooms

For buildings with limited indoor space, Velodome locking bike shelters make stylish outdoor bike rooms and are an alternative to indoor bike storage. Developers, property managers, condo owners, businesses and schools will find our locking bike shelters provide numerous advantages.


Bicycle Stations

Bicycle Stations (aka Bike Station/Depot/Hub) are 24 hour, weather protected and secure bike parking structures. Typically located next to mass transit stops, they are designed to accommodate a large number of bikes for long-term bike parking. They are also used by municipalities, schools and other institutions to provide secure, centralized bike parking.

With the ability to be made in different sizes, the Guardian bike shelters are customizable bicycle stations that offer numerous amenities such as bike pumps, bike repair stands, helmet/gear lockers and way-finding signs. Additionally, third party providers can offer services such as bike rentals, repairs, bike parts and accessory sales.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Transportation departments and companies looking to connect multiple modes of transportation will find that locking bike shelters can be an important link in a successful first-last mile program. At Park and Ride and other locations where car parking is limited, locking bike shelters can increase revenue, bus and train ridership. In parking lots, our Peapod bike shelter fits into 2 parking spots yet parks up to 20 bikes. The Peapod Mini holds 10 bikes in a single spot. This frees up precious parking spots for commuters who prefer to drive... and accommodates those who prefer to bike.

Locking Shelter Options: