Bike Cages

For properties seeking a stepped-up level of theft protection, Velodome offers both indoor and outdoor bike cages to suit a broad range of bike parking applications.

Our indoor bike cages utilize standard size wire partitions with a powder coated finish to quickly and economically transform a storage room, parking area and many other locations into a secure bike enclosure… without the cost and hassle of customization.

Ranging in width from 1′ to 10′ (in 1′ increments), the modular wire partitions can be configured into multi-sided enclosures secured with a locking door. The versatility of this system enables you to create freestanding cages or enclose nooks, corners and dead spaces.

Our outdoor bike cages are a combination bike cage/ bike shelter.  They have a multi-rib metal roof, galvanized welded wire mesh sides, a steel tubing frame and locking doors.  Access controls vary by model.

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