velodome-noun: From French, vélo (bicycle) + dōme (protective covering).

Bicycling as a means of transportation is on the rise in the US. So is the demand for safe and secure bike parking as bike vandalism and bike theft are on the rise as well.

According to the League of American Bicyclists, bicycle commuting rates have increased 62% between 2000 and 2013 nationwide. In large, bike friendly cites, the rate increased 105%.

Unfortunately, a byproduct to the growth has been a widespread increase in bike theft and vandalism. According to conservative estimates, a bike is stolen every minute in the US. Understandably, concern about leaving their bike exposed and unattended deters countless people from using their bike for transportation.

About Us

Based in Clifton New Jersey, Velodome Shelters designs & manufactures an extensive line of bicycle parking shelters, bike racks and bike storage products that protect bikes from theft and the elements.  From canopy to locking shelters, classic to hi-capacity bike racks and cages, our products are designed to protect cyclist’s “wheels” wherever they park.  Our bike parking experts offer product selection and free layout assistance to create orderly, space efficient, and secure bike parking.

At Velodome, we are passionate about working to advance bicycling as a sustainable, pollution-free mode of transportation. Thanks to our customers, we are building critical links in bike transportation infrastructure that contribute to a healthier and greener world.

About the Founder

Richard Cohen is a biking enthusiast and the founder of Velodome Shelters. He brings a combined concern about environmental sustainability with over 20 years of experience in the custom metal fabrication industry.

Through Velodome Shelters, Richard continues a tradition of supporting transportation alternatives to automobiles. Since 1972, Velodome’s sister company Handi-Hut has manufactured over 10,000 mass transit shelters that are located throughout North America.