Bike Parking Solutions

Velodome Shelters designs and produces an extensive selection of bicycle parking shelters, bike racks and bike storage products that protect bikes from theft and the elements. In addition, our bike parking experts can provide free bike room layouts and will work with you every step of the way for a seamless process.

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  • Bike Garage™
  • VeloPark
  • Guardian
  • VeloMax
  • Custom Shelters
  • Newport
  • VeloMax (aluminum)
  • Transit
  • Peapod
  • Peapod Mini
  • Custom
  • EZ-Lift
  • MaxRack Stand
  • Ramp Rack
  • SpaceMaker
  • Ringo
  • U-Corral
  • Bike Cages

New Product

Introducing the Bike Garage™, the latest in protected bike parking from Velodome.

Slim   Enclosed   Secure

Featured Product

SpaceMaker: The next generation in secure bike parking.

Solid Steel Lock Bars   Super Space Efficient   Modular 

New Product

Introducing EZ Lift™, the latest in high-density bike storage from Velodome.

2x capacity of most racks
Piston lift-assistance feature